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We help you find the freedom to choose the life you want — to let yourself dream and believe in the possibilities God has offered you.


We help you access your true power, the gift
that God created you with, that brings great
value to the world.


We help you apply your new freedom and power to the everyday, to make abundant, purpose-driven life your new reality.

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what’s canaan? Canaan is the “Promised Land” in the Old Testament, but it stands for so much more…

The Israelites were brought out of Egypt for the purpose of living freely in the land of Canaan, but instead spent decades wandering in the wilderness.  Based on modern maps, they could’ve walked from Egypt to Canaan in about 24 days.  So what took them 40 years?  The answer, simply put, is unbelief.  They limited their belief in God’s promises, held onto things that kept weighing them down, and focused on the giants that were standing in the way of their destiny.  What if instead, like Joshua & Caleb, they’d just believed in the victory God had promised and the abundant blessings He had in store?  Sometimes our own lives look more like wilderness wandering than we’d like. That’s why Canaan Living exists: to help modern-day Christians understand the abundant, victorious life God offers, so you can personally experience freedom, power, and purpose like you’ve never imagined. Right here, right now!



75% of Americans say they wish for greater significance



Only 19% of Americans say they’re satisfied with their jobs



40% of Christians say they have a clear sense of God’s calling



48% of Christians say that God called them to something different

  • Samantha Porter
    I love that I am finally able to name who I am - put words to Me - and then to realize my own uniqueness is God's creation!
  • Mary Johnson
    At the beginning I felt terrible, heavy, like a dark cloud was over me . . . . Now I feel like I'm in a place of taking control of my thoughts - FREE, like I could fly! This is POWERFUL!
  • Jessica Watson
    We spend money on so many things. Why aren't we willing to spend on ourselves? Of all the things I could spend money on, this was one of the best - to be freed up to know who I am!
  • Susan Billings
    I began with the hope that figuring out the purpose for which God made me would allow me to be more confident. I expected confidence to come like a sunrise, slowly as I worked on my strength areas. I didn't expect confidence to come like a light switch, turned on quickly.

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