About Us

two roadsTwo Roads  

Canaan Living stands at the intersection of the Wilderness Road (life in the desert) and the Canaan Highway (life in your Promised Land). We desire to help Christians like you believe in the amazing things God can and wants to do with your life — things that He created a desire in your heart to do!  We help you come to the intersection of the two roads, look the giants in the face, and make them easily melt away. Then we walk with you as you adapt to a new life of purpose, live authentically out of who you were created to be, and change the world for Christ as only you can.  

Our Mission Statement

Canaan Living exists
to empower Christians to possess the Canaan God intended for them
by applying grace and truth to real life
through retreats, coaching, communities, and creative media.

Our Unique Approach

We feel there is a great need for God’s people to experience a shift from a mindset of “just getting by” to a mindset of thriving and significance.  We believe that change is easy when processed in an environment of grace and connected to biblical truth.   So, we provide a foundation of grace and teaching based on biblical truth. Then we help believers process the Powerful You that can be accessed through easy, simple shifts in mindset. It’s this approach that makes us nearly incomparable to other materials on the market today.  

We focus on personal development, and we are completely rooted in Scriptural principles.  We are committed to the personal relationship each of our clients has with Christ.  We become a student of each of our clients so that we can fully understand all the factors at play.  We are committed to long-term growth – to messy, real-life change.  Our heartbeat is that all of us as believers would glorify God by more effectively possessing our personal power, embodying life in Christ, experiencing limitless grace, and purposefully fulfilling our destiny every day of our lives.  

Statement of Faith

We believe in God, his Son Jesus Christ, and the inerrant, inspired Word of God which is true and sufficient and for the modern-day believer.   Scripture is our authority, and the truths therein are our guide and chief access point into the mind of God.

We choose not to be affiliated with any denomination, church, or system of faith, but rather to support those who believe in Scripture on their journey to more fully understand its truth and apply it to their lives.