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CAUTION: Dreaming of possibility may induce munchies

posted on September 10, 2015 / IN Canaan General Discussion / 2 Comments

I just flipped the magazine open to a random page on my way to the trashcan, and my eyes caught on a faded blue box with a cow silhouette.

followed our dreams to cheesePerfect tagline for a business called Rogue Creamery, don’t you think? Especially one that just so happens to be a first place winner of the US Championship Cheese competition, where their Crater Lake Blue wheel stole the show!

But despite the supreme love of cheese I share with the mustached, smiling owner, it was the dreams part of the ad that resonated most.

My mind begged to fill in its own answer.

I followed my dreams. They led me to . . .

You know the first word that popped into my head?


Hmm. I’m still processing what this means for me, but I wanted to throw this fill-in-the-blank into your realm of thought today.

What’s the word that popped into your head already?

dreams led me toIs it a happy word that you love? Does it feel like it’s “arrived?” That you’re living there, doing what you want in and with it?

Does it feel like it’s just beginning? Or needs a giant push to launch?

Or maybe it feels dimly lit from this far away?

Wherever you are today, you’re great. I just want to pose the question, let you ponder . . . and give you permission to sneak a piece of cheese while you wonder.

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    By Janna Wright

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      • Alicia
        Posted on September 11, 20159:43 pm Reply

        What an intriguing question! It took me a second to clear away the mental cobwebs of stress, frustration, and disappointment in the amount of work I got done that sometimes cloud my thinking at the end of a long workday. But the word that I ultimately landed on was “love.” Sounds pretty “cheesy” right? :) But seriously- I followed my dreams of pursuing higher education, and I plopped right into a career I LOVE. On that path I landed in the arms of the man I now LOVE. Of course we all know that I did not plop or land anywhere on this journey, since the Lord graciously and gently led me here. And in my pursuit of future dreams, I have found that LOVING my students is one of the greatest gifts I can give each day. Walking away from a weary day with much more joy and hopefulness in my heart thanks to this post!

        • Janna Wright
          Posted on September 15, 20159:28 pm Reply

          Beautiful! Those are wise, deep thoughts after a long day of teaching. Love, love, love it! :)

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