Mistaken ID: I am an athlete

posted on October 22, 2015 / IN Canaan General Discussion / Canaan Stories / 2 Comments

Have you ever considered that we answer the question “Who am I?” multiple times a day in our heads? From wife to business owner to cook to bird watcher, we tell ourselves who we are over and over.

And after a while whatever we say sticks with us — for better or for worse.

Here’s the true story of a girl who thought her identity was one thing until God showed her it was bigger and more beautiful than she’d first thought!

*P.S. I’m excited to introduce our new video series on Mistaken Identity. Stay tuned for more fun to come!

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    By Janna Wright

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      • Newell
        Posted on October 26, 20154:05 pm Reply

        I love this girl…actually l had the opportunity of being her youth pastor and officiating at her wedding. I am so thankful to God for what He has taught her and that her heart is open to the message of identity in Him.
        This frees her up to be all that God wants for her not tied down to the titles of this world that do not really define us at all.
        God bless you Brittney

        • Janna Wright
          Posted on October 27, 20156:46 pm Reply

          Thankful right along with you for the story God’s writing in her life, and shouting out loud at the great freedom we have in Him!

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