Grace Mentoring with Janna Wright

A while ago I had “One of Those Days.” It was the kind of day where
everyone in your life wants something from you — all at once! — not to
mention the duties drag you down so you can barely breathe. I mean,
who really needs all the errands, appointments, dishes, bill
paying, and obligations, right? But who can avoid them?!

Near the end of this exhausting, dream-crushing day, I harumphed to my
car, headed to the final guilt-induced appointment. I was fussing at
God as I drove, telling Him exactly what I thought of this stupid day,
when mid-sentence my eyes landed on a scene a little ahead of me.
A girl had her arm out the window, hand bouncing in the breeze.

My mind instantly transported me to the times I’ve hung my arm out like
that: breeze tickling my skin, flying motion filling me with joy.
My grumpy face cracked into a smile in spite of itself.

Then God whispered to me, “That’s the kind of life I want for you.”

“That much fun, Lord, all the time? Is that even allowed?”
I asked. “But how?”

“Get rid of the things in your life that don’t feel that way,” He answered,
“then with everything that’s left and anything else you dream up,
CREATE that arm-out-the-window feeling EVERY DAY!” 

Now every time I ride with the window down, I stick my arm out to feel the joy and freedom and ponder more ways to bring them into my everyday. And that’s why I created this Grace Mentoring program, because . . .
I long for every woman to have MORE joy, MORE freedom, and MORE fun  – in other words MORE LIFE!

What Grace Mentoring Provides

smiling womanThe truest way to MORE life is by diving into and truly grasping God’s grace. Sure, we women of faith know the word “grace” well, but do we know, heart-deep, how much Grace Changes Everything?

One-on-one Grace Mentoring empowers you to discover and trust the truth of grace which includes the true story of who you are and what God created you to do! 

Enveloped in a grace-filled atmosphere and challenged with new thoughts through practical discussion and Bible-based content, you’ll be inspired to 

Believe God

  • Know what He thinks of you.
  • Trust what He says about you!
  • Discover the story He’s writing with your life.

Trust Yourself

  • Hear God’s voice more clearly.
  • Be confident in who you are.
  • Pursue the amazing destiny you were created for.
So you can leverage your True Story
powerfully, authentically, and confidently
and create the life you crave!

What Grace Mentoring Looks Like

Grace Mentoring incorporates 1-hour, private sessions, twice a month.  We meet in person for heart-to-heart chats and dive into different topics, depending on where you are and what you need right now. 

Each program is a minimum of three months that will launch you into FABULOUS from the get-go!  (I simply love good surprises, so we include a couple of delightful ones of those too.) Plus, there’s always the option to extend for additional sessions if you’d like.


joyful womanIn the initial program, “Awaken Your True Story,” you and I get to know each other as we delve into who you are and where you’re at right now. We dig deeply into what’s standing between you and the arm-out-the-window life you want!  

The emphasis is on enjoying life as BeautiFully You, hearing and believing God well, and trusting yourself!


With the follow-up program, “Rewrite Your Destiny,” the two of us look at the new True Story of You we discovered and help you craft a vision and a plan for the next chapter in your amazing life story!

(Hint: There’s lots of vision boarding and simple goal setting happening here, as well as deeper everyday application of BeautiFully You.)  

Are you ready for your very own arm-out-the-window life?


How the Process Works

Each program is paid on a monthly subscription basis with a minimum 3-month commitment. Typically, the “Yes, I’m interested” process looks something like:

  1. You and I have a short, free Discovery Session to see if this is a good fit for you.
  2. You sign some short paperwork and make the first payment.
  3. We schedule your bi-weekly sessions and start the fabulous grace talks and pursuit of your very own arm-out-the-window life!

No rocket science here. 

Ready for MORE?

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