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coursesCanaan Retreats are one of our favorite products! Who doesn’t love getting away from it all, enjoying a little nature, and being shoulder to shoulder with other people who are also eager to grow?!

Each of our retreats focus on the keys to passionate, powerful life.  The original content speaks to the core of who we are as created beings and lays the foundation for creating a powerful self-story you truly love. Each retreat is designed specifically for believers to more fully comprehend and trust the truths of Scripture, the principles of grace, and the power of unleashed faith.   

When you participate in a Canaan Retreat, you can expect dramatic growth, big change, authentic community, and fabulous fun all combined within one powerful getaway. You’ll have the opportunity to expand your view of God and realize just how crazy excited He is to be with you on this journey called “Life!”  

Our main retreats include: 


Discover the confidence that is rightfully yours as you step into the life you were uniquely created for

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Rewrite Your Destiny

Design a purpose-driven lifestyle that brings you significance and joy

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Begin your journey to a life of FREEDOM, POWER, and PURPOSE today!