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Wouldn’t it be amazing to exude deep confidence every single day?

But, in this too-busy, high-pressure, over-stimulated life we live, true confidence can seem more like a rainbow than a reality most days.

Between the media telling us we should look better, religion warning us to behave better, and society hounding us to keep life together better, what hope do we women have of believing we’re successful and enough, much less amazing, every day? How do we keep our confidence strong with so many voices trying to snatch it away?

Whether you’re  . . .

  • woman at windowthe single, 20-something with a great job and lots of freedom, who longs for a husband and kids more than anything and can’t figure out why God keeps holding out on her . . .
  • the business owner with an over-the-top schedule and a mostly-checked-out hubby who worries she’s not  “doing it all” quite as well as she should be . . .
  • the young wife with life stretching out in front of her and a deep desire to be all she can be for God but she’s not sure how that’s all supposed to look . . .
  • the ministry leader with a full plate and the hidden fear that when she drops a ball (any second now), the ones she loves and serves will suffer . . . 
  • the quintessential mom with 2.5 kids, a house in the burbs, and the vague feeling that there has to be more to life . . .
  • or the woman with another life story all together . . .

chances are you have lived long enough to know that trusting God while confidently living your best life isn’t always as simple as it sounds.

How do you know you’ve found the “best” life anyway, or what if it doesn’t look like you thought? What if you keep messing this Christianity thing up more often than you nail it? And how do you grow a faith that moves mountains when life keeps throwing rocks in your way? Have you ever wanted to just throw your hands up and beg for an easier answer to all this? 

There IS a better way . . . it’s called GRACE!

joyful womanThe grace that saved you is the same grace that offers you life – and not just any, ol’ life either, but life that’s fully alive, abundant, and FREE!

This kind of grace takes all of your questions, doubts, fears, and inadequacies and turns them upside down on their heads!

And that’s exactly what we explore at the UNLEASHED! Retreat —


Whether you’re a newbie believer, a seasoned saint, or somewhere in between, the UNLEASHED! Retreat will expand your view of God and help you uncover the confidence that’s rightfully yours right this minute.

The word “unleashed” means to set free to pursue at will, to release from restraint, to begin something powerful, and that’s what you experience at the UNLEASHED! Retreat — the truth that sets you free, that releases you from whatever’s been holding you back, and that throws the door wide open to something powerfulYOU living your best, confident, faith-filled life with God!

Through Bible-based teaching, small group discussion, and engaging experiences, you will discover:

  • how much God adores you (even on your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days).
  • how grace transforms the way you see yourself, God, and everybody else around you!
  • how to easily access more confidence, more faith, more authenticity, more peace, more joy – basically, more LIFE. 
  • how to grow your tiny mustard seed of faith into a faith that confidently trusts God. 

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When & Where

GlenEyrie2 1024x683Come away to the Castle for an unforgettable experience plus some plain, ol’ fun with the girls and God!

WHEN: Friday & Saturday, April 8-9, 2016
WHERE: Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center
in Colorado Springs, CO


The retreat begins on Friday right after lunch and lasts until 5pm on Saturday. You won’t want to miss even a minute of the captivating scenery as you come away from normal life to commune with other godly women at this gorgeous, 800+ acre property. Throughout the retreat you can expect to engage in fun experiences, explore truth, hear from God, and even create your very own faith journal!

Some food will be provided, and some will be on your own. Overnight lodging is available at the Hyatt Place hotel (with a special conference rate), just a few short minutes from the conference property.

If you’re a Christian woman who wants
to step into more confidence,
take your faith to the next level,
dream bigger with God,
and better lead those God’s called you to serve,


Reserve your spot for the UNLEASHED! Retreat today.

Tickets for this retreat are priced at $497. BUT, if you claim your spot today, you pay only $247 for this amazing 2-day event! (You love a good deal like we do, don’t you? Woo hoo!)

Don’t wait — snag your ticket today!

Get ready for your confidence to soar, your faith to expand,
and your God to become bigger than you ever knew!