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What if only part of you shows up?

posted on October 8, 2015 / IN Canaan General Discussion / 0 Comments

Ever find yourself feeling out of place? Maybe it’s somewhere you’ve been before – a lot of times even – but now you’re feeling misfit. In the wrong spot. Like a square peg with worn-smooth edges that don’t quite fit comfortably anymore.

That happened to me not too long ago. I was sitting in a monthly meeting—one I’ve enjoyed for over half a year – when the headache started.

This headache didn’t feel like your typical “Eat something now, silly, ‘cuz we’re gettin’ cranky” or “Just letting you know the pollen count is high today!” This one felt different.

I sat through the meeting, headache growing, increasingly unsettled, that out-of-place feeling creeping up on me.

Halfway through my drive home, I was delighted to find the headache was gone! That’s when it struck me that my body had been trying to tell me something during that meeting. It took me some processing time with God, but the two of us figured out that going there, being part of that place, was only “sorta me.” And

sorta you isnt you -canaan living

So, I quit. Just like that.

Because who wants to be only part of a person?  Even if I’m doing good things – if only part of me shows up, it’s not really that great for anyone (and especially not for me). I’d much rather be FULLY Janna. It’s more fun. (And keeps away those silly headaches too!)

Are there places in your life where you feel like a smaller version of yourself? Places that don’t seem to be a good fit? Or places that used to fit but don’t anymore?

What if God created you a certain way with all of your quirks, loves, hates, and fit-right-heres? What if in His infinite wisdom and creativity, He crafted you into that person you are deep down?

And what if – knowing this – you explored the thought, “Today I give myself permission to be who I am all the way. To embrace the things I love and release the things I don’t. I choose to be more FULLY me today!”

Sometimes we have to let go of “sorta me” things to make room for “fully me” things. Because God’s delighted, the world’s better served, and you’re happier when you embrace life as

Beautifully You - canaan living

What part of you do you wish was seen and could “come out and play” more often?

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